Dear Black Americans, Canada isn’t the Black haven you think it is.

“… I know the difference between a patriot and a n*gger.” That is how someone ended an email sent to Canadian singer Jully Black. It was in response to her changing a simple word while singing the Canadian national anthem at the NBA All-Star Weekend in Utah last month. This type of language may beContinue reading “Dear Black Americans, Canada isn’t the Black haven you think it is.”

Miss Anti-Blackness: Kent Monkman and Black Imagery

On May 16th Cree and Two Spirit artist Kent Monkman publicly released the imagery for his new painting “Hanky Panky.” Set in a lodge, brightly lit by a smoke hole in the roof, his alter ego, Miss Chief Eagle Testickle is surrounded by smiling Indigenous womxn and Two Spirit folks. One might ask why thisContinue reading “Miss Anti-Blackness: Kent Monkman and Black Imagery”

Queer Masqueraders; We’re on the road too

I grew up being told that as a Black West Indian woman, Carnival was completely and utterly for me. That my ancestors fought long and hard for my ability to be myself as a Black woman. And carnival was how we celebrated that. Nothing held more truth than this for me for most of myContinue reading “Queer Masqueraders; We’re on the road too”

I’m Queer And Indigenous, I’m NOT Two Spirit

*Disclaimer* This is my personal understanding and relationship with the term Two-Spirit as an Anishinaabe Kwe. This is not to negate anyones choice to use the term to reclaim identity NOR should it be used to invalidate, erase or shame Indigenous peoples use of the word. I’m Queer and Indigenous. I write that and canContinue reading “I’m Queer And Indigenous, I’m NOT Two Spirit”

When Daughters Have to Be Strong for Their Mothers.

*Disclaimer* This piece is not in relation to shouldering of responsibility by children nor toxic or abusive relationships between daughters and their mothers.  I knew I had to write about this the second the idea popped into my head, and yet still it feels like a betrayal to write about it. I can start offContinue reading “When Daughters Have to Be Strong for Their Mothers.”

Not Beyoncé’s Version of Crazy In Love…

I recently was having a conversation with a friend about what it meant to date people with mental health issues. She disclosed to me that she wasn’t comfortable with dating someone who was dealing with mental health issues and mood swings. Now before you get upset and decide to jump down her throat she hadContinue reading “Not Beyoncé’s Version of Crazy In Love…”